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The following are the 2019 rules as adopted by your Board of Directors.


  • WCSGA will adhere to all NHRA rules and regulations for Super Gas  9.90 index (altitude compensated), .400 light, blue light.
  • WCSGA will race at NHRA sanctioned tracks. 
  • All drivers must have a valid NHRA Competition License for Super Gas.​  All Vehicles must have a valid NHRA chassis certification
  • Payouts will be 100% payback of entries including sponsorship money.  See payout sheet for breakdown.
  • Annual membership is $50 and race entry is $125 per event for the 2019 season.  Race entry must be paid prior to race in order to qualify for any payout.  Non-member's are allowed one race. Non-members do not accrue points and are not paid until after 2nd round win.  Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee. Membership paid is for this season and not carried forward.  Pay-out must be cashed within 6 weeks of event to ensure balance of the books.


  • Entry fee must be paid; Tech Card completed and turned in at sign-up.  Track Tech inspection (if required) must be passed prior to making any runs.  Failure to pay entry fee prior to running could result in forfeiture of that event.  The first time you enter the water box you have entered the race and no refunds will be issued.  You are not required to complete a time run to be placed on the ladder.  If you don’t make a time run and want to run the event, pay the entry, pass track tech (if required) prior to the last of the groups time runs and you will be placed on the bottom of qualifying order.  There will be no one to take entry fees after the time runs are completed. All events will be “ALL RUN”.


  • A driver’s meeting will be held at the designated trailer after the last qualifying session.  The run ladder will be posted at the sign-up trailer.  Find your pairing and come to the lanes when you receive the FIRST call from the tower.  Lane choice for each round will be determined based on qualifying position, lower qualifier will receive lane choice, in the case of a tie, coin flip will be used.  Bye run recipients may choose or be required to pass in order to accommodate track time constraints.  Winners from each round must check the ladder for next round competition pairing.


  • Qualifying position is based upon time runs.  Pro Ladder will be used as printed by the tower.


  • Blue light!  Courtesy staging is mandatory.  No deep staging, no backing into stage, final motion is to be forward into stage. Official starter has final say for disqualification.  DO NOT COMPLAIN TO ANY TRACK OFFICIAL!   Bring your concerns to any current board member only.


  • Points for WCSGA are 100 points for each round with qualifying points added to the total for races 1-8.  Race winner will receive 100 additional points.  Ties will be determined by NHRA 5 step system.  All entrants will receive qualifying points for races 1-8. The 8 shoot out race participants are determined by qualifying point totals.  For 2019 the best 7 of 8 events will be counted for the title.  Round points only will be discarded from the 1 throw away event.  Events 9 and 10 (Redding Raceway) will be our Shoot Out and Bonus Purse Race.



 Board Members and Duties

  • Mike Utley - President

  • Greg Harrison

  • Lon Wilburn

  • Bob Hefley

  • Steve Schmid

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