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Welcome to the 2018 WEST COAST SUPER GAS ASSOCIATION website news letter, this is my first attempt at this so bear with me. The following is a brief recap as to what has happened so far threw the 2018 race season.

Race #1 3-31-18 Sonoma Raceway

6 cars entered

Winner - Matt Hartzell - 9.871

R.U. - Bill Huntington - 9.861

Semi - Steve Wellman -

Race #2 4-22-18 Sacramento Raceway

7 cars entered

Winner - Mike Mangano - 9.90 

R.U. - Lon Wilburn - 9.92

Semi - Bob Hefley & Mike Utley

Race #3 5-27-18 Sonoma Raceway

12 cars entered

Winner - Matt Hartzell

R.U. - Dave Cook Sr.

Semi - Lon Wilburn

Race #4 5-28-18

12 cars entered

Winner - Matt Hartzell

R.U. - Greg Harrison

Semi - Bob Hefley

I kind of see a patteren here Matt Hartzell, enter 3 races, has 3 race wins. Congratulations Matt. New members to the club, that have signed up this year, Race #1- Mike Utley, Race #2- Steve Schmid, Race #3- Shawn Steele Jr.  We want to welcome these new members. Sunday Night 5-27-18 after race #3, we held the 2017 WCSGA banquet to celebrate Tom Pulliams championship season, and the rest of the clubs top ten which are as followed, #2 Bill Huntington, #3 Bob Hefley, #4 Mike Collins, #5 Tony Manning, #6 Bryan Downer, #7 Gary Hardee, #8 Steve Wellman, #9 Ron Kelly Jr. and #10 Lon Wilburn. Other awards handed out were, 2017 WCSGA TOP 8 Qualifying Points earners Shootout Winner - Gary Hardee, Shootout R.U. -  Mike Collins.  Most Improved - Tony Manning, Hard Luck - Ron Kelly Jr.

We want to give a special thank you to Ron Kelly and the Kelly Family for setting up & serving the food at the banquet, Thank You very much for all you and your families work. A special thank you to Danny Borguiere for bring all the gifts and prizes from socal. Also Doc's Trophy Shoppe for the awards in a short amount of time. And to Sandee Harrison for taking care of the books and getting the jackets for the 2017 top ten points finishers.  We are always looking for sponsors to help keep the WEST COAST SUPER GAS ASSOCIATION going. If you or anyone you may know would like to help support the club threw a sponsorship, please contact Ron Kelly Sr. Greg Harrison or Shawn Steele Sr.

The next schedule races are June 16th & 17th at Sacramento Raceway. I hope everyone can make it out and have a fun weekend. Also just a reminder, the July 4th race at Sonoma Raceway has been cancelled. We have added to races August 25th & 26th at Sonoma Raceway. Please update your calendars. That is it for now, any questions or comments please feel free and let myself or other board members know,

Shawn Steele Sr.


Also members if you could email a couple good pictures of your cars, and maybe one with you standing by your can..



-JULY 2, 2018-

Welcome to the 2nd update on the 2018 WCSGA season. The following has accrued since the last update.

Race #5 - Sacramento Raceway - June 16, 2018

11 Cars Entered

Win - Greg Harrison

R.U. - Steve Schmid

Semi - Steve Wellman


Race #6 - Sacramento Raceway - June 17, 2018

9 Cars Entered

Win - Dennis Paz

R.U. - Bill Huntington

Semi - Lon Wilburn

Congratulations to the winners.  Congrats to Greg Harrison, second race of the season for him and in the winners circle. We want to welcome Dennis Paz back to racing with the WCSGA, and nice way to come back with a win on Sunday. We also want to give a big thank you to Jennifer from Sacramento Raceway for providing the trophies to the winners and runner-ups both days. The WCSGA also wants to give a special thank you to Paul & Tanya Heide for their continued support of sponsoring the WCSGA, along with the support of our other sponsors, please checkout our sponsors page. We are always looking for new sponsor, if you know of anyone or company that would enjoy coming on board and supporting the WCSGA , please get a hold of Ron Kelly Sr., Greg Harrison, or Shawn Steele Sr. Anyone of us will be more then willing to help sign them up and work on a way for any of them to help support the WCSGA.  Our next two races coming up will be at Sonoma Raceway August 25-26, 2018. Hope you all can make it out for a good time and a competitive race weekend. Racers that will be competing at the Sonoma Divisonal and National Events in July, good luck to all!!!

Any comments or concerns call or email Shawn Steele Sr. 209-483-6919 or

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